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Holiday Calculator

How much holiday is my employee due?

A worker is entitled to holiday from their first day of employment. The minimum statutory entitlement is currently 5.6 weeks annually, this equates to 28 days for a Monday to Friday worker. The statutory is capped at 28 days for all workers.

This tool enables you to calculate the current and future holiday entitlement and how they fit with your holiday leave year. It will take you just a couple of minutes. The calculation is in days worked per week and covers workers who work from 1 day a week to 7 days a week.


Holiday Year start date
/ / (DD/MM/YYYY)
Employee's holiday start date
(must be after Holiday Year start date)
/ / (DD/MM/YYYY)
Number of days worked per week

Help for Employers:

The calculation may result in part days these cannot be rounded down but you may round them up if you wish.

Bank holidays can be included in the minimum statutory holiday entitlement but employers may choose to offer bank holidays in addition.

You may choose to offer more than the calculated figure but this is the minimum statutory allowed and applies to most workers.

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